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Dubai, UAE 3rd May 2016: Clima Uno, a renowned Italian brand for air handling units and fan coil units and fully-owned subsidiary of Al Shirawi Group, announced that its air handling unit was awarded higher ratings of Thermal Transmittance (T2) and Thermal Bridging of the casing(TB3) following the latest round of testing by Eurovent Certification. The improved ratings are a mark of enhanced mechanical performance of the unit.

Other facets of robustness assessed during the testing include acoustic insulation, mechanical strength of the casing (D1), casing air leakage (L1) and filter bypass leakage (F9). The Eurovent Certification is proof of the stringent checking Clima Uno Air Handling Unit has been subjected to and implies that the equipment can deliver superior performance even in the region’s harsh climate.

Tarek Maleh, Operations & Technical Manager, Clima Uno Air Conditioning Industries LLC, said, “As a responsible HVAC manufacturer, we believe in constantly upgrading our products to cater to the needs of the market. By delivering reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient products, we continue to be at the cutting edge of air conditioning technology.”

The new ratings are applicable to Clima Uno’s Recirculating Air Handling Units, Fresh Air Handling Units and the Energy Recovery Ventilators. In addition to the Eurovent Certification, each of the components that makes up the air handling unit bears hallmarks such as AMCA-certified fans, AHRI-certified cooling coil, CE certified Motor and UL-listed filter to name some.

The Eurovent Certification for air handling units is based on internationally-recognized European Standards EN 1886 for Mechanical Performance and EN 13053 for Rating and Performance for units, components and sections. The certification Programme is managed by Eurovent Certification Company, an autonomous organization widely acclaimed for securing correct and reliable product data on HVAC&R equipment.

About Clima Uno Air Conditioning Industries LLC
Clima Uno is a well-established brand of air-handling units and fan coil units, which originated in Italy and is now owned by the Al Shirawi Group of Companies. Clima Uno’s Eurovent-certified product range is custom-built for the region and is manufactured in a fully-integrated facility in Dubai. Each product has been expertly designed using Unilab software and features premium components with AHRI-certified coils, UL-Listed filters, AMCA-certified fans and CE-certified motors. For more information, please visit:

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