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Test Lab

Double Skin Fan Coil Unit

We have in house test lab facility for testing the airhandling unit and double skin fan coil unit complying to EN1886 eurovent certification standards.

Our lab has the following air side testing facilities :

  • Largest air test laboratory for testing air quantity upto 55,000cfm.
  • Static pressure test upto 0 to 1000 pascal.
  • Casing Air leakage test -400Pascal . ( Negative leak test)
  • Casing Air leakage test +700 Pascal. ( Positive leak test)
  • Air leakage temperature and humidity.
  • Air flow temperature and humidity.

Electrical Testing facilities :

  • Power consumption at full load condition.
  • Total current consumption at full load and part load condition.
  • Voltage test.
  • Frequency reading.
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