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  • Assembly Line
    Assembly Line
  • CNC Punching
    CNC Punching
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Coil Shop
    Coil Shop

AHU Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mechanical swing beam shear is a frequently used shearing machine in sheet metal cutting. Whole welded structure, hydraulic transmission, high mechanical strength and good rigidity contribute to excellent shearing performance and productivity.

CNC Punching

Our CNC machines ensure maximum precision with sophisticated technology and are used for production of air handling units casing work including panels, base frame, drain pan etc


Bending machines are developed for high flexibility and low setup times. Those machines are able to bend single pieces as well as small batches with the same precision and efficiency as series-produced parts in an economical way. A simple plug-in system supports quick and easy exchange of tools.

Puf Insulation

In the production of polyurethanes accuracy in the mixing of the liquid components is the most important and decisive phase.

Versatility and user friendliness are the main features that make of the HPE series an ideal choice for every type of foams are they rigid, flexible, integral, Elastomeric, etc

All panels are manufactured with 44 kg/m3 density as standard

Coil Manufacturing


All coils are expanded using bullet expansion & for coils less than 1400 mm long, the vertical expander is used to ensure firm bonding between tube & fins.

End Closing

This European machine ensures that Headers of coils are closed at ends using latest end-forming technology by eliminating the use of traditional end caps.


All coils are brazed either manually or on the automatic brazing machine using latest technology to make the process faster.

Leak Testing

All coils are leak tested with dry compressed air (equivalent to N2). Condenser coils are leak tested at 450 psi & evaporator coils are tested at 350 psi.

Assembly Line
Assembly Line
Assembly Line
Assembly Line
Assembly Line

QA Check
Quality Check

Each manufactured Air Handling Units undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure that unit meets the specified requirements.

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