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Air Handling Unit

Air handling unit

Air Handling Units

  • Available in 22 sizes
  • Airflow ranges from 941 CFM to 67951 CFM
  • Static Pressure up to 2500 Pa
  • Framework – Extruded Anodised Aluminium Profile
  • Casing of 50mm thick, Double Insulated Panels
  • Can Produce Customised Units

Air Filter Section

Different types of filters are available to meet various applications requirements.

Flat Filters:
Two types of washable flat filters are available In the CU air handling units:

– Metallic mesh pleated filter, class G2 according to EN779:2002
– Synthetic pleated cell filter, class G3 or G4 according to779:2002

High Efficiency Bag Filters:

Standard bag filters are available in class F6, F7, F8 and F9 according to EN 779:2002. The fiberglass paper media is installed in plastic frame, which allows easy mounting inside the unit.

Absolute Filters:
Multi V HEPA filter class H12 and H13 according to EN 1822. The filter cells are installed in a galvanized steel frame to allow easy mounting. Other types of filters are also available for special

Heat Exchanger Section

  • AHRI Certified Coils
  • Chilled Water Coils
  • Direct Expansion Coils
  • Coils are manufactured using Copper tubes with Aluminium fins
  • Mounted on sliding guide for easy maintenance
  • Stainless Steel drain pan
  • Special Anti-Corrosive Coating can be provided on request

Fan Section

  • CU units are equipped with high efficiency plug-in or DIDW centrifugal fans.
  • Certified by AMCA in accordance to AMCA 210.
  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced and available in various types.
  • Fans are driven by three phase electrical motor through belt and pulley transmission
  • TEFC Motor, IP55 degree of protection with Class F insulated
  • All motors are VFD compatible

Motor is fixed on a slide rail for tension regulation and all components are mounted on an anti-vibration base frame and flexible connection at the fan discharge to terminate transmission of vibration to the air handling unit body.

Heat Recovery Section

CU air handling units can be equipped with the most economical and efficient heat recovery systems:

  • Horse shoe Heat pipe coils
  • Heat recovery wheels
  • Cross flow type heat exchangers
  • Run around coils

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